Future of DHA Islamabad; The Eminent Living in Twin Cities

  1. Islamabad being one of the strategically planned cities with breath taking sites enjoys the status of second best city in the world. If you view the mega picture of twin cities of Rawalpindi- Islamabad (Please refer to Map-1) you will notice that:
  2. Let’s start with the Margalla Mountain Range, Margalla is a hill range that’s part of the lesser Himalayas located north of Islamabad, Pakistan. The Margalla Hills are situated at North and northeast side of Islamabad, high features of Murree and Abbottabad overlooking Islamabad are almostsaturated with multiple housing projectsto an extent that some projects are now extending to adjacent District Haripur in KP.
  3. Now coming towards the South of twin-cities, at its south western and westerly direction lays a vast tract of land which is located in between M2 Motorway and GT road which starts from Rawat and ends at Tarnol/ Wah. This area is highly significant in socio-economic context due to the abundant road network and its close proximity to supporting infrastructure for CPEC. Its location and linkage with CPEC (the Road to Future of Asia) has tremendous potential for growth. Let’s call it SZ (Southern Zone)
  4. The South Zone will be the hub of economic activities in near future. A thorough analysis on SZ reveals that this zone will result in attracting investments with handsome returns because of the following major developments;
  5. The approval of RBP (Rawalpindi bypass) commencing from Rawat, which connects the strategically planned DHAI Phase 3 and Phase 4, Bahria Phase 8.
  6. The RBP links the DHAI and Bahria with the New Islamabad Airport which will be the center of international trade plus M2 Motorway.
  • Furthermore, SZ has the potential of expansion across the motorway which can further accommodate mega projects.
  1. In addition to this a well planned construction of Rawalpindi Industrial Zone stretched over 125000 kanals of land along Rawat Chak Beli Khan Road is highly substantial as it links the motorway.
  2. After analyzing the above developments in twin-cities it can be safely concluded that the SZ will be theCentre of Gravity of major national and international economic activitiesin near future.In fact, it has already exerted a population and economic pull which now is the center of attraction for developers and international investors.
  3. Very interestingly, over 100 large size housing projects have already been initiated in the SZ. Most of them are already approved by various Government agencies; however, many are still in the process of approval. The most high quality housing projects include DHAI, Bahria Phase 8, CDA Sectors, Mumtaz City and Top City etc. However, two competitive rivals DHAI and Bahria are still at the top as both are providing the luxurious living standard and good services to their clients/residents. Within these two rival partners, DHAI is considered most credible developer in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


  1. Since its inception however, DHA Islamabad has been facing various allegations like delay in development of various phases such as DHAI Valley and DHA 2 extension etc. Having taken enough bashing by its clients, DHAI has now realigned its path to address these issues once for all. The organization has chalked out a comprehensive strategy to speed up all those projects which were running in delays. Presently, a prompt work is going on in DHA Phase 3, Phase 4, Phase 5 (Ex Commoner’s Town) and DHA 2 extension/DHAI Phase 6. In addition, a number of other up gradation projects are being implemented in already developed sectors in Phase I and 2.
  2. Due to ongoing rapid development activities I believe a new Serene Islamabad 2 is coming up in the shape of DHAI and Bahria Phase 8 combined……..(Please refer to Map-2)
  3. DHAI Phase 1

(1) A quick work is seen on Phase 1 bypass linking DHA Phase 4 directly with GT Road. This main entry will connect Askari 14 and Adiala road as well as Bahria Phase 8 which is already linked with DHA Phase 3. All these areas will be further connected with upcoming Rawalpindi bypass and onwards to M2 and Islamabad airport. Bahria has already started purchasing additional land to expand Phase 8.

(2)  Much needed commercial units are coming up in Sector A and soon a number of commercials are being launched at the entrance of Phase 1 adjacent to Sector B 1. One sector commercial is already completed in Sector E.

(3) Missing aesthetics are being addressed at priority and an impressive Green DHA is seen with additional parks, plantation and parking.

(4) Defence Villas Phase 2 are being launched during this year.

(5) This Phase has exhausted investment opportunities in residential plots but in case of commercial it still has plenty of potential.

  1. DHAI Phase 2

(1) Askari 15 has been launched in DHA 2.

(2) World Trade Center is almost completed attracting a sizeable commercial activity.

(3) A number of attractive recreational projects have been completed in state of the art Jacranda Family Club which has added to the family life of residents.

(4) DHAI has also initiated its own education system starting from DHAI 2 and is being extended to other sectors.

(5) Aesthetics are being improved at par with Phase 1. A massive plantation drive is currently ongoing in all sectors.

(6) The world class McDonald is already inaugurated.

(7) The most impressive part of Phase 2 is up gradation of GT road to 8 lanes and a beautifully designed fly over connecting Phase 2 with Phase 5 over signal free Islamabad Express Way is in in final stages.

(8) In next two years this phase still holds 10 to 20 % space in profit in residential units but about 20 to 25% in commercial units.


  1. DHAI Phase 3

(1) A rather delayed project of Phase 3 has now picked up great momentum. This phase is going to be flag ship project of DHAI in terms of its size, its location and its connection with RBP (Rawalpindi bypass). Its main entry is opposite World Trade Centre on GT road and it is being extended to RBP.

(2) Zone 5 to 9 of Bahria Garden City has already become part of this phase. Renaming Garden City is renamed as Bahria Oriental Garden.

(3) A rapid earth work is ongoing which indicates a desire of DHAI to complete initial sectors in about 18 to 24 months.

(4) Phase 3 has bigger space in terms of return up to 50 to 55% in next 3 to 4 years.

  1. DHAI Phase 4

(1) Located on the bank of River Soan on high features opposite Bahria Intellectual Village with great scenic view has made this Phase attractive for those who desire to construct their homes in relative quiet, higher and beautiful location.

(2) It was previously known as DHAI Phase 1 Extension but now renamed as DHAI Phase 4.

(2) Askari 14 and Garden Villas Housing Society located on Adiala Road have already been merged in Phase 4. This connection has provided an entry/exit to this phase to Motorway through Adiala Road.

(3) It will be linked with Bahria Phase 8 and onwards to DHAI Phase 3.

(4) Although this Phase is developed up to 50% so far but due to its scenic location it still hold space for return up to 30 to 40 % in next 2 to 3 years.

  1. DHAI Phase 5

(1) Previously A to J sectors of Phase 2 was covering an area between GT Road and remaining sectors were in North of Islamabad Expressway. Now Phase 2 is limited to sectors A to J only and sectors K to Q have been renamed as DHAI Phase 5.

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2017 Real Estate Trends in Bahria Town

  1. Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 1 to 6
    Rates of property got stagnant in 2016 however, in 2017 plots and houses prices jumped to superior level. Shifting to Bahria Town Rawalpindi was the best solution for large number of families during the extreme hot weather and worse load shedding during this year’s summer. Because of this phenomenon Bahria Town in Rawalpindi experienced rise in rental prices of residential units including houses and apartments in different phases. The Phase 1 to 6 Bahria Town got densely populated by 300 plus families 60 % of them living on rent in houses and apartments generating the increased demand of units. New luxury apartments and commercial projects were also initiated in this region hence welcoming the investments from local and overseas Pakistanis. Moreover, Bahria Town Phase 1 to 6 experienced 65% of construction of new houses. Very limited residential plots which are around 20% are left in this part of the city leading to 10 to 15 lacks of price lift.
  2. Bahria Phase 7 & 8 Becoming Home to Brands
    Now coming towards the Phases 7 & 8 of Bahria town Rawalpindi right on the scenic view of Sawan River where many new developments took place in 2017. Bahria Town authority gave possession of residential plots in various sectors of Phase-8, completion of road networks and provision of electricity was achieved, more than 50 % of new houses construction work was initiated coupled with the start of few commercial projects as well. Bahria Town Phase 8 witnessed more than 80% of construction of commercial and residential buildings. Large number of roads and infrastructural development plus provision of facilities was completed by Bahria Town Authority in various sectors of Phase-7 & 8. Bahria Town Phase-7 have become a hub of best international and national brands, Pappasallis, Pizza Hut, Johny Rockets Burger, Roasters, Texas Steak House, KFC, Diva, Kallisto and lots of other food outlets are opened in Phase-7. Plot prices in many sectors of Phase-7 & 8 have risen to almost giving profit of more 6 to 15 lacks plus to many investors of this part of city. From 2014 to 2016 the 5 Marla residential Plot price in Phase-8 was dormant to maximum of 15 lacks whereas in 2017 it is being sold at the rate of 20lacks plus.
  3. Bahria Enclave Islamabad
    Bahria Enclave Islamabad has launched mega apartments and commercial projects in different locations which have brought a new trend in the luxury market of real estate in the history of Islamabad. Provision of possession of large number of plots coupled by the new cutting and development of plots in Bahria Enclave escalated the rates of property there. A large number of energy efficient houses and villa projects are completed and are in the phase of completion. The 5 Marla residential plot in Sector B-2 of Bahria Enclave was having the worth of 36 lacks in last two years and this year the price has jumped to 45 to 50 lacks depending on location and category.
  4. Bahria Town Karachi
    Because of the wonderful and innovative real estate landmarks and international standard amenities, Bahria Town Karachi remained the most popular society on the online searches in 2017. 125 sq yard plots were traded like hottest properties because Bahria Karachi probably won’t come up again with this plot cutting. Despite a huge demand of these plots which are available in 16 precincts, prices are still affordable. 250 sq yard plots come next on recommendation list which are located in 8 different precincts. Development of these plots is almost near completion (90%), so it is going to be a preferred choice of buyers in 2018. Bahria Sports City, the biggest project of Bahria Town Karachi, is witnessing massive trade of its plots. This trend will keep on for upcoming months as plot prices here are still in range. Bahria Golf City is another project of Bahria Town Karachi where buying time remained at its peak. Midway Commercial remained on top for the sale and purchase of commercial plots. Many new plot cuttings and planning of commercial projects were initiated in 2017 which are the best options to invest at Bahria Town Karachi.

Progressive Real Estate Developments in 2017

2017 has ended with many new developments, progress and shifting trends in real estate industry of Pakistan. The real estate sector in Pakistan is a significant sector of the economy. Pakistan spends about $5.2 billion on construction annually and construction output accounts for 2 percent of GDP. Despite the real estate market in Pakistan enjoying an optimistic trend for the last four years, the market cooled down in 2016 because of the new tax laws. Capital gains taxes, stamp duty, registration fees, and advance taxes were all revised upwards. In reaction to this incident consumers responded to major tax upheavals by buying smaller, more practical properties with energy efficient features to cut down on running costs .However, in 2017, investment in residential property increased by five to seven percent significantly in posh areas of major cities including luxury properties and gated communities. Many new trends and following progressive changes witness that Real Estate market in 2017 set to enter in sustainable growth phase in Pakistan.

Digitalization of Real Estate in 2017
2017 witnessed the largest dependency on digital tools and social medium for marketing, property search, selling and purchasing of property in Pakistan. The most popular online mediums used for selling and purchasing of properties in Pakistan this year included Zameen.com, OLX, booking.com, Trovit, meraghar.pk A large number of Real Estate companies have enhanced their social media presence to increase their reach to clients and customers nationally and internationally. On the other hand around 80 % of buyers were able to find their desirable property by using various online portals and Facebook pages. Many new online property portals are launched in 2017 and many new are in the phase of launching. While many companies still discuss innovations in the property industry and the significance of digital transformation, others have already started their implementation. And while many look at incremental innovations – e.g. increasing performance or reducing costs – others are in the process of fundamentally changing the business processes. The digitalization of real estate in Pakistan is changing the entire market trend and taking in a positive direction which is bringing more transparency as the buyer is able to do a comparative market and product analysis. Moreover, the data being gathered on search engines and various online channels is giving a clear picture of real estate trends and statistics which was impossible to record few years back.
The data generated from a variety of sources have the potential to facilitate major progress across the entire real estate sector – optimization, rationalization, dissemination of information and collaboration, ensuring that management and exploitation are as effective as possible.

CPEC Development is Heightening Real Estate in Pakistan
Pakistan is now primed for foreign investment in real estate. Work has already begun on the $51.5 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the benefits will flow to the real estate industry. Pakistani real estate has seen a tremendous increase in property prices since the agreement. It has not only grabbed the attention of investors, but the demand for land has increased significantly. Prices run into the millions in Gwadar, so we can say it has touched the sky. And, soon after the government announcement to construct a deep-sea port, the remote fishing town of Gwadar witnessed a significant boost in prices. The initiative has given rise to international housing schemes in Gwadar, not only for accommodating Chinese officials but for buyers across the board. Sanghar Housing Scheme, Canadian City, Naval Anchorage, Creek City Gwadar and many other real estate projects have received greater number of investment in 2017. Furthermore, the infrastructural development and initiatives of new energy projects in many urban and remote areas under the CPEC development has given a new dimension and direction to the real estate industry in Pakistan this year. Mega real estate projects advancements near new Islamabad Airport, northern Punjab and in many areas of Sindh is the evidence of this.

This year was a year with both negative and positive developments; however my focus was only on few positive aspects in this article. Real Estate is one of the most significant sectors in every country and Pakistan can make a lot of progress by making the best use of technology, innovation and creativity. There is a dire need that in the upcoming years more well educated and honest professionals contribute positively and this sector benefits every individual and family of our country.

Luxury Apartments Demand on Rise in Rawalpindi / Islamabad


The trend of buying luxury apartments has increased in Islamabad during last couple of years, primarily due to an increasing demand for secure, well-maintained and lavish units; it is therefore not surprising that between 2010 and 2016, apartment prices have increased.
Traditionally, apartment projects were mostly restricted to Karachi, as cultural preferences in Lahore and Islamabad were for horizontal residential projects. However, with the rapid urban sprawl, cities have become congested, land prices are going up, and the apartment living trend is swiftly gaining traction in these cities as well. In fact, in the last five years alone, the demand for apartments has gone up by nearly 30%, which has given rise to an increasing number of newly constructed high-rise luxury apartments in major areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
There are approximately five thousand plus ready to move apartments available in Bahria Town phase 1 to 6 having about 60 % residents residing on rent here. Many luxury apartment buildings are in construction phase and few are in the planning stage. It is secure to invest in the luxury apartment projects in Bahria Town because of three main reasons; firstly, Bahria Town has very strict rules/regulations regarding the construction of safe and secure hi-buildings, secondly, the maintenance and development of roads, green belts, parks and other infrastructure is responsibility of the concerned authority, thirdly, residential units are high in demand and mostly occupied on rent as well as purchased. Moreover, the apartment’s buildings are being constructed by renowned and credible developers who provide excellent after sales services like maintenance and provision of facilities like, security, electricity etc.
Apartments are convenient to clean and maintain with few items of furniture. Apartments inside Bahria Town are highly secure and safe as the buildings have their own security system plus Bahria Town’s security on the roads.
Rents are soaring and demand for apartments is historically high in Bahria town phase 1 to 6, Construction of new multifamily units has been robust over the past five years, far outpacing that of single-family homes, but most of the product is in pricey markets and pricier neighborhoods, not in areas where demand is highest. That is because the costs of land and construction rose.
High rise buildings equipped with amenities and luxuries are in high demand within posh areas of major cities which is becoming a Pakistani urban trend and necessity. The best investment options for apartments are Bahria Heights, The Grande which is located in Phase 2, 3 and Civic center.

The Grande – A Marvel of Greek and Contemporary Architecture

Islamabad enjoys a special status not only because it is the national capital; but also because it is a city that spell bounds everyone with its beauty and distinctiveness. The Grande, a project by Earthlink Real Estate, offers the best residential and commercial investment options around. Classiness coupled with practicality – investing in this project is a decision you will never regret, and here it is why!

The Grande – Location

Located in Bahria Town, Phase 4, Islamabad, The Grande woos with its perfect location and keeps you well connected with the rest of the city. With close proximity to G.T road and Islamabad Expressway and having an easy access to all the main parts of the city, The Grande is the perfect place to be at!

What’s on offer?

The Grande is a classy, mixed-use project which provides you with the best commercial and residential investment options. This entails that you can establish your living here, grow your own business or both. Considering all the amenities it has to offer, what is a better place to be at other than The Grande?

The Grande offers 1-2 bedroom apartments equipped with all the facilities one can ask for; also on offer are offices and shops for people who intend to give their businesses a boost. In a building that is constructed with thoughtful planning and is aesthetically designed at the perfect location, one can, undeniably, make the commercial investment of a lifetime.

The best thing about this project is its affordability; apartments, shops, offices – everything will fall right into your budget. If you enjoy shopping and being surrounded by luxury, The Grande is exactly the perfect place you’re looking for.

What’s Special?

Every single thing about this project is exactly what you need – sustainable construction, along with great focus on aesthetics. The Grande sports comfortable luxury apartments; a designated, spacious car parking for your ease and comfort; and an uninterrupted supply of basic amenities including electricity, water supply and Sui gas. Moreover, easily reachable by road, the project provides you with all your business and communication needs as well by ensuring broadband internet access, and satellite and cable TV connections. The most wonderful thing about this project is how it gives you access to nearby locations and facilities so you do not have to look far even for your basic/ daily needs.


Most importantly, The Grande has been built keeping in mind your peace of mind and security. This is why the whole building is totally secure with 24-hour security staff and CCTV surveillance. So, you can sit back and enjoy your favorite movie even at 3 in the morning without having to worry about anything at all.

What are you waiting for, then? Get in touch with us today to book yourself an apartment, a shop or an office – whatever suits you the most because offers like this do not come over and over again.

Grande Business Centre – Live Your Corporate Dream!

The federal capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, is known for its spell bound beauty and is considered as the fastest growing city in terms of population, economy and urban development. As this trend continues, the city is shedding its reputation as a city without character, and is becoming truly a metropolitan. The Grande Business Centre is one of the many luxurious projects which are adding more elegance to the capital and making it a symbol of unrestrained luxury and a top-notch metropolitan. Providing facilities and amenities beyond belief, the Grande Business Centre offers an impeccable corporate experience for the residents of twin cities.


An outstanding project like that of the Grande Business Centre deserves to be at a perfect location that not only augments its visibility but also does justice to highlighting its architecture that is a marvel in itself. GBC is located in Bahria Enclave, Islamabad which is considered as one of the most posh and expensive location in the city. The awe-inspiring backdrop of the Margalla Hills adds a unique charm of natural beauty to this man-made marvel. Adding convenience to aesthetic appeal, the Grande Business Centre is a brief 20-25 minutes’ drive from Benazir Bhutto International Airport and is easily reachable from all ends of the twin cities.


Features and Facilities

The Grande Business Centre offers high standard business and corporate office spaces to enhance your business and investments endeavors. The Grande is equipped with all the luxuries and comforts. It is contemporary in design with high finishes and fixtures. Particular attention has been given to the interior and exterior of the building that allows the brands and businessmen to work in an exemplary setting. Moreover, exceptionally designed front desk area has been designed aesthetically so as to welcome your corporate guests with beautiful ambiance in a luxurious style. The reception area is coupled with a beautiful and comfortable waiting area for the visitors to make their waiting time comfortable.

The Grande Business Centre has been designed strategically so as to offer you an array of wholesome experiences. With the cutting edge technology, providing security 24/7, fire protection maintenance, standby generators and much more, we tend to deliver you convenient yet a high quality life.

Options and Affordability

The Grande Business Centre is designed in a way that the Basement and the Ground Floor consist of shops while First, Second and Third floor are for 1 bed cum offices.

With all these exceptional facilities and amenities you might have developed an opinion that the price of shops and offices in The Grande Business Centre are very high. Well, you must know that the rates of these units are reasonable and that you can purchase your unit through an adjustable payment plan. Book your unit with only 30% down payment and pay the remaining amount in 8 quarterly or 24 monthly instalments.

Looking at how fast the units of GBC are being booked and sold out, any further delay at your end can turn out to be unfavorable. So what are you waiting for? We recommend that you rush to Earthlink’s office right away to get your unit booked!


Top three investment options within 10 to 40 Million budget

Bahria Town was initiated with a dream for luxury and affordable living for citizens of Pakistan, a dream of Malik Riaz started with 10 Marla plot in year 2000 just for PKR 4 Lacks on two easy installments. Whereas, today after 17 years same plot is worth more than 10 million. Upon it the constructed house with the covered area of 3,600 square feet having 5 bedrooms now cost more than 20 million in Phase 1 to 6, Bahria Town Rawalpindi. In 2006 keeping in view the growing housing need and affordability aspect Bahria Town launched Phase 7 & 8. The historical great joint venture of DHA Islamabad and Bahria Town is known as phase 8. Here comes the highly comfortable, affordable and beautifully constructed houses by Bahria town in Phase-8. Top three best investment options within the budget of PKR 40 Million to 10 Million and varieties of ready to live houses are summarized below;

  1. 5 Marla Safari/Bahria Homes

5 Marla or 125 yards Bahria homes also known as Safari homes has the covered area of 900 square feet with an open lawn with front of 30×20 ft. The covered area includes two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, kitchen, sitting lounge with garage in front. A community of about 500 single story 5 Marla house has its own park, children play area in sector F and C. Dr. A. Q khan school and Rafi stadium is half a kilometer away. This luxurious residential unit is available only for PKR 5 Million to 5.5 Million these days.   The escalating need of this type of house will stretch its price up to PKR 7 to 8.5 Million because the booking started from just PKR 1.5 Million. Your investment at 5 Marla single story Bahria homes can provide you PKR 20 to 30 thousands as regular monthly rental yield.

The double story 5Marla Bahria homes have the covered area of 1800 square feet and cost about PKR 8 to 8.5 Million with a monthly rental income of 28 to 30 thousands.

  1. 8 Marla Safari/ Bahria Homes

The second top best investment and luxury living option is 8 Marla or 242 square yards Safari/Bahria Homes. This is a double story; complete family house, beautifully designed having all comforts and luxury requirements. Bahria homes is located in bahria homes sector B, E and F. This unit consists of 3 bedrooms, with the covered area of 2800 square feet with the downtown commercial area, beautiful park, accessible Masjid, shops and grocery stores. A shuttle service for the residents of this area runs from G.T road to Bahria Homes with an interval of 30 minutes at very nominal rates. Banks, Bahria Town’s strategically designed complaint and maintenance offices and hospital are nearby. The entry and exit points are guarded by operational CCTV cameras monitored by command center and barriers with vigilant security mobile vans are patrolling round the clock. This beautiful 8 Marla house costs just PKR 9.5 to 10.5 Million. Being a complete luxury house equipped with all the amenities and luxuries this unit can raise in future. The furnished 8 Marla Safari Home can be rented out around PKR 50 thousands to 60 thousands and non-furnished house will give you the rental income of PKR 30 to 35 thousands.

  1. Awami Villas

A decade back when 5 Marla single story house rate crossed more than 5 Million, Bahria Town had already planned for the growing need and then launched Awami Villas in 2005. Initially it was planned to launch around 400 fabricated single story units having launching price of PKR 3.5 lacks in Sector-1. This year in 2017 the price has reached up to PKR 4 Million having the rental value of Rs. 18 to 20,000. Later on sector 2 was launched having 400 units of two bedrooms Awami villas. Afterwards sector 3, 4, 5 and 6 were launched which are densely populated and are very high in demand.  Let me add, 5 Marla Awami Villas is a very humble effort of Bahria Town and initially announced in support of the government policy one man one house an affordable rates. Awami Villas is the only low cost comfortable living and can be termed as the best affordable scheme in Asia so far.

Bahria Town; Paving Way towards Sustainable Community

It is very pleasing to know that Bahria Town has put Pakistan on the Global Real Estate map by winning various national and international honors and certifications including Five Prestigious Awards at the “Asia Pacific International Property Awards 2012-13″.  The concept of sustainable cities and communities is an integral part of the global sustainable development. Pakistan being an underdeveloped country lacks the safe, accessible and green housing societies and real estate projects. Fortunately, Bahria town is a pioneer in setting a trend of eco-friendly, peaceful, safe and secure residence which is paving the way towards the model of sustainable community as per the international standards.It is very pleasing to know that Bahria Town has put Pakistan on the Global Real Estate map by winningvarious national and international honors and certifications including Five Prestigious Awards at the “Asia Pacific International Property Awards 2012-13″.

Beautiful landscape and well-designed walkways, parks and fitness centers encourages me and other residents gives the luxury of maintaining a daily routine walk and healthy lifestyle.

In order to reinstate the environmental protection and safety of its employees and residents Bahria town ensures the strict compliance of its by-laws and regulationsduring the initiation and conclusion phases of operations. During the planning stage of its projects Bahria town incorporates special emphasis on the natural topography with a focus to refine its hidden aesthetics and protect the natural environment. The rules and regulations integrates features of economic efficiency, environmental performance and social responsibility – and contributes to the greatest extent when architectural quality, technical innovation and transferability are included.

Extensive plantations and horticulture works in green belts and along road sides amplified by gardens, green areas, play areas in each block and phase is another contribution towards environmental protection.Annually 40,000 plants are planted in each project of Bahria town and residents cannot cut trees without permission of the competent authority. Bahria has quality solid waste management system, the waste is collected on daily basis and then segregated into recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Furthermore, Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR)treat wastewater such as sewage or output from anaerobic digesters or mechanical biological treatment facilities in batchesin which around 70,000 gallons of water is treated on the daily basis. The recycled water is used for horticulture, firefighting and cleaning purposeswhich ensures the water conservation in a careful manner whereas the sludge produced after water recycling is used as fertilizer. A dedicated water management department ensures that water supply and safe drinking water is available for the residents of Bahria Town round the clock.

The other sustainability aspects of Bahria town include underground electrification system with grid station, 24 Hours water supply system with overhead water reservoirs, eco-friendly sewage system with sewage treatment plants and independent storm water drainage system. Furthermore, the most modern and command and control system equipped with CCTV cameras and vigilant female and male security guards gives a sense of security and safety to residents here leading to significant decrease in crime rate. In this aggravating hot weather coupled with the electricity shortage, Bahria Town Islamabad provides the 24/7 electricity availability which has attracted a large number of residents from other areas of the country.

Categories and Rental Value of Residential units

The residential plots and houses within the eco-friendly Bahria town community of Phase 1 to 6 Bahria town, Islamabad  are available in 10 Marla (250 square yard) and 1 Kanal (500 square yard) sizes. A full house of 10 Marla is available for rent for minimum of Rs. 55,000 to maximum Rs. 70,000. Whereas, the average rent of one portion of 10Marla house is only 35,000 whereas 1 Kanal house can be rented out just forOne Lac Rupees minimum and maximum of One Lac and thirty thousand Rupees. With spacious living areas, classy kitchens and indulgent bedrooms, the apartments make for amazing living masterpieces in Bahria town. 1 to 4 bedrooms furnished and non-furnished apartments are available starting from fifteen thousand to 1.5 Lacs only.

Average Sale Value of Housing in Bahria Islamabad

10 Marla House is available from One Crore and Sixty Lacs to Twenty Three Millions, however 1 Kanal house can be purchased from Three Crore and Twenty Lac to Four Crore.  The beautifully designed safe and secure apartments are available within the budget of PKR 25lac to 25Millions.

The accomplishment of signal free Islamabad highway has reduced the daily commuter’s travel time and distance from phase 1 to 6 to the main Islamabad city. Moreover, the completion of the trunk road from Chakbeli Khan to Tarnol for heavy traffic will reduce the traffic congestion on Islamabad highway and G.T road will lead to increase in rates of residential units at Bahria town Islamabad.

The rates and prices of residential units as compare to other areas of main city Islamabad are very affordable having the high standard sustainable amenities which has raised the social standards of the large number of Pakistanis. This gated community has set a precedence towards the international standard of sustainable community and city, replication of the existing model with further improvements in other real estate projects can contribute towards the sustainable development hence making Pakistan a progressive country.