Bahria Town; Paving Way towards Sustainable Community

It is very pleasing to know that Bahria Town has put Pakistan on the Global Real Estate map by winning various national and international honors and certifications including Five Prestigious Awards at the “Asia Pacific International Property Awards 2012-13″.  The concept of sustainable cities and communities is an integral part of the global sustainable development. Pakistan being an underdeveloped country lacks the safe, accessible and green housing societies and real estate projects. Fortunately, Bahria town is a pioneer in setting a trend of eco-friendly, peaceful, safe and secure residence which is paving the way towards the model of sustainable community as per the international standards.It is very pleasing to know that Bahria Town has put Pakistan on the Global Real Estate map by winningvarious national and international honors and certifications including Five Prestigious Awards at the “Asia Pacific International Property Awards 2012-13″.

Beautiful landscape and well-designed walkways, parks and fitness centers encourages me and other residents gives the luxury of maintaining a daily routine walk and healthy lifestyle.

In order to reinstate the environmental protection and safety of its employees and residents Bahria town ensures the strict compliance of its by-laws and regulationsduring the initiation and conclusion phases of operations. During the planning stage of its projects Bahria town incorporates special emphasis on the natural topography with a focus to refine its hidden aesthetics and protect the natural environment. The rules and regulations integrates features of economic efficiency, environmental performance and social responsibility – and contributes to the greatest extent when architectural quality, technical innovation and transferability are included.

Extensive plantations and horticulture works in green belts and along road sides amplified by gardens, green areas, play areas in each block and phase is another contribution towards environmental protection.Annually 40,000 plants are planted in each project of Bahria town and residents cannot cut trees without permission of the competent authority. Bahria has quality solid waste management system, the waste is collected on daily basis and then segregated into recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Furthermore, Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR)treat wastewater such as sewage or output from anaerobic digesters or mechanical biological treatment facilities in batchesin which around 70,000 gallons of water is treated on the daily basis. The recycled water is used for horticulture, firefighting and cleaning purposeswhich ensures the water conservation in a careful manner whereas the sludge produced after water recycling is used as fertilizer. A dedicated water management department ensures that water supply and safe drinking water is available for the residents of Bahria Town round the clock.

The other sustainability aspects of Bahria town include underground electrification system with grid station, 24 Hours water supply system with overhead water reservoirs, eco-friendly sewage system with sewage treatment plants and independent storm water drainage system. Furthermore, the most modern and command and control system equipped with CCTV cameras and vigilant female and male security guards gives a sense of security and safety to residents here leading to significant decrease in crime rate. In this aggravating hot weather coupled with the electricity shortage, Bahria Town Islamabad provides the 24/7 electricity availability which has attracted a large number of residents from other areas of the country.

Categories and Rental Value of Residential units

The residential plots and houses within the eco-friendly Bahria town community of Phase 1 to 6 Bahria town, Islamabad  are available in 10 Marla (250 square yard) and 1 Kanal (500 square yard) sizes. A full house of 10 Marla is available for rent for minimum of Rs. 55,000 to maximum Rs. 70,000. Whereas, the average rent of one portion of 10Marla house is only 35,000 whereas 1 Kanal house can be rented out just forOne Lac Rupees minimum and maximum of One Lac and thirty thousand Rupees. With spacious living areas, classy kitchens and indulgent bedrooms, the apartments make for amazing living masterpieces in Bahria town. 1 to 4 bedrooms furnished and non-furnished apartments are available starting from fifteen thousand to 1.5 Lacs only.

Average Sale Value of Housing in Bahria Islamabad

10 Marla House is available from One Crore and Sixty Lacs to Twenty Three Millions, however 1 Kanal house can be purchased from Three Crore and Twenty Lac to Four Crore.  The beautifully designed safe and secure apartments are available within the budget of PKR 25lac to 25Millions.

The accomplishment of signal free Islamabad highway has reduced the daily commuter’s travel time and distance from phase 1 to 6 to the main Islamabad city. Moreover, the completion of the trunk road from Chakbeli Khan to Tarnol for heavy traffic will reduce the traffic congestion on Islamabad highway and G.T road will lead to increase in rates of residential units at Bahria town Islamabad.

The rates and prices of residential units as compare to other areas of main city Islamabad are very affordable having the high standard sustainable amenities which has raised the social standards of the large number of Pakistanis. This gated community has set a precedence towards the international standard of sustainable community and city, replication of the existing model with further improvements in other real estate projects can contribute towards the sustainable development hence making Pakistan a progressive country.