Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Real Estate Sector

Earthlink Developments is an active performer of Corporate Social Responsibility and served the society for better. The company has undertaken different projects to provide education and health facility. It has also participated in the national drive Clean Green Pakistan to promote forestation and tree plantation. Adding to the list is another humanitarian project of feeding the destitute. The project aims to provide free and healthy food to the needy people of the society.

The vision of returning back to the society that enables us to grow our business is very fulfilling. It strengthens the relationship of the company with society. As Tony Blair once said, “the emphasizes placed by more and more companies on Corporate Social Responsibility, symbolizes the recognition that prosperity is best achieved in an inclusive society.”

Earthlink Feeding the Less Fortunate

Earthlink has therefore maintained its trademark and initiated another project for the under-privileged segment of the society. The project by the name “Gulxar Dastarkhwan” has been initiated in Abbottabad as a collaboration between Earthlink Developments and MPA, Ms. Momina Basit. Ms. Momina Basit and Director Projects & Developments Earthlink; Mr. Jamal Kakakhel organized the inauguration ceremony of the project. Other honorable guests included Speaker KPK Assembly; Mr. Mushtaq Ghani, Minister for Food; Mr. Haji Qalandar Khan Lodhi, and MNA; Mr. Ali Khan Jadoon.

As the country faced economic deterioration due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it became hard for the daily wagers and the low-income strata to meet both ends. Thus, it was a call for the corporate sector to show some responsibility and bring ease to the lives of these people.

Earthlink, hereby, showed some considerate and responsible demeanor. It collaborated to provide free and healthy food to the less fortunate people who are unable to feed their selves and their families. Hundreds of people will be able to satisfy their appetite daily by visiting the Gulxar Dastarkhwan.

The CEO of Earthlink, Mr. Mubusher Hayat, addressed the inauguration ceremony of Gulxar Dastarkhan.  He stated that corporate companies must play their role to serve the needy people of the society. Other guests in the ceremony also acknowledged the efforts of Earthlink and regarded them as inspirational. They stated that like Earthlink, other corporate companies must also initiate the projects for the betterment of society. The public also showed great admiration for this noble cause. They expressed their feelings by saying that the company has won the hearts of the people. They deserve applause for taking substantial steps to ease the suffering of people.



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