Life is easier when everything is orderly and manageable. And that is possible only when you opt for the best place to reside or commercialize. In such a scenario, The Grande Park View becomes the intelligent choice. It is a spectacular Residential-Commercial 5-storey project along with basement. It offers dedicated floors for residential living and commercial activities. Cut-to-short, it is a mixed-use building that accentuates quality. So, if you aspire to endure a good-to-perfect lifestyle or passionate to flourish your business in a place that can attract heavy traction and footfall along with high-end tenants, then The Grande Park View is a must.

Features & Amenities

The amenity-packed building is defined as a best choice if you desire to urbanize. It offers inclusive features & amenities: Resilient structural plan approved by credible authorities.

  • Upscaled fire-fighting system
  • Imported fittings
  • Sleek ornaments
  • Ventilation for refreshing aura
  • Upkeep parking system
  • Magnificent architecture by renowned & credible architects
  • Maintenance for 24/7 to offer hands-off approach
  • Watchful security Electrical appliances
  • Tech-efficient elevators


The Grande Park View is located in one of the most talked about society that is the Park View City, Islamabad. The luxurious project is addressed on the famous Malot Road. However, being connected with Rawal Road and Kurri Road from opposite sides, The Grande Park View has a greater scope for marketability.


Sleek yet sophisticated. The Grande Park View offers luxury apartments fully integrating high-end amenities. The apartments are available in variant sizes and a smart choice for those who believe in quality to be the genuine comfort and comfort to be the genuine quality. The Grande Park View apartments are designed as per the modern trends.


The Grande Park View offers immaculate and immense shop spaces to foster your business. Being located in the hub of commercial activities, the shops are an exceptional opportunity to get massive

footfall and tenants. The first-hand structure of the shops is heterogenous along with fascinating architecture made to display your products or rent-out with greater scope for high rental yield.


The Grande Park View offers officious, and professional office spaces in the most catching location. The spacing and decors arose a sense of purpose with a balanced luminosity and elegant architecture. The Grande Park View is famed for its eco-friendly aura. The greenery in the suburbs of the corporate office spaces makes it all an uplifting source for the workforce. The office spaces, like the shops and apartments, attract footfall and high rental yields due to the prime location and bespoke amenities.