Real estate is an enabler of economic activity; by offering the space for businesses to operate it effectively provides the business infrastructure without which an advanced economy could not operate. Earthlink developer has contribute to progressive real estate through high-quality, modern and innovative multi- storey buildings which contribute to maintaining the country’s reputation as an international trade hub and attract skills and capital from the rest of the world, creating further opportunities. Moreover, hundreds of luxury apartments developed by Earthlink in The Grande projects is not only providing the high standard lifestyle but also giving opportunity for profitable investment and promising high capital gain. Real estate is a source of employment in all sorts of areas; not only for architects, builders and engineers, but also for legal and financial advisors, surveyors, facilities managers and all those that provide for the construction industry. Earthlink Development has generated an innovative employment model for qualified and skilled people in different fields who have transformed the property market by making the best use of technology and information. Moreover, under the expert leadership of Earthlink Developments management real estate is playing a vital role in the provision of hi- tech and modern infrastructure. Real estate can probably not claim to be the magic wand of economic growth, but it is certainly a lever for growth that could be pulled harder.

Pakistan’s real estate market remains the backbone of its economy, with as many as 250 different industries depending upon it. These industries are mostly connected to the construction of real estate projects and include cement, building, timber, steel, sanitary fittings and a range of other businesses. The sector is also the second largest employer within the country, with the first being agriculture. Furthermore, the industry is worth more than 700 billion dollars. In spite of these facts, real estate contributes only 2% to the national GDP.

The question now arises as to why this is the case? Why is Pakistan’s property market not contributing a larger share to the economy and what can be done to improve that? The biggest problem that hinders the growth of the property market of Pakistan is that the process is so complicated and full of loopholes that any seasoned investor has to think thrice before even considering an investment opportunity that sounds too good to be true. While reliable projects are being built and a lot of foreign investment and attention is being garnered by the country, especially since the announcement of the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC), it is not enough. Earthlink Developments is doing great efforts in revolutionizing the property industry that assure investors that the investment they are making is safe, reliable and well-documented.

Real estate in Pakistan is catering to the urbanization problem by providing ample of residential and commercial projects in urban centers. Land scarcity in the three major cities: Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad have reached an alarming rate. 2017 faced more than 47 % rural to urban migration in Pakistan hence increasing the residential unit’s demands. Land scarcity has influenced developers to start new projects in gated communities in the outskirts of these cities. According to the latest census, the urban population of Pakistan grows by three percent every year. At this rate by 2030, more than half of the citizens of the country will be living in cities. This makes it one of the most rapidly urbanizing countries in the world and with this, come a lot of implications for the economy as a whole and the real estate market in particular. The rapid urbanization means that the way of living and real estate projects have to be adjusted accordingly to accommodate the influx of people from all over the country into major cities like Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Greater construction work and initiation of new projects in Zone-2 Islamabad across the Sangjani Toll Plaza towards Peshawar Motorway remained in full swing this year.  With New Islamabad International Airport in close proximity, motorway on one side and the GT road on the other, Zone 2 remained the second most valuable investment zone in the city. Gated communities are the hot trend in the housing market. Experts estimate that between 2016 and 2017 investments in gated housing schemes increased by 25 to 30%. Launch of DHA Phase-3 Islamabad, DHA Bahawalpur and development work started plus balloting of plots took place in DHA Multan and Peshawar had been the most pleasant trends in 2017. Inauguration of World Trade Center at DHA Phase-2 Islamabad has changed the fate of G.T road and paved way for new mega projects market in Zone-V of Islamabad.

Pakistan is now primed for foreign investment in real estate. Work has already begun on the $51.5 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the benefits will flow to the real estate industry. Pakistani real estate has seen a tremendous increase in property prices since the agreement. It has not only grabbed the attention of investors, but the demand for land has increased significantly. Prices run into the millions in Gwadar, so we can say it has touched the sky. And, soon after the government announcement to construct a deep-sea port, the remote fishing town of Gwadar witnessed a significant boost in prices. The initiative has given rise to international housing schemes in Gwadar, not only for accommodating Chinese officials but for buyers across the board. Sanghar Housing Scheme, Canadian City, Naval Anchorage, Creek City Gwadar and many other real estate projects have received greater number of investment in last 2 years. Furthermore, the infrastructural development and initiatives of new energy projects in many urban and remote areas under the CPEC development has given a new dimension and direction to the real estate industry in Pakistan this year. Mega real estate projects advancements near new Islamabad Airport, northern Punjab and in many areas of Sindh is the evidence of this.

The culture of entrepreneurship and expansion of business is also on rise in major cities of Pakistan because of the CPEC and related projects. Unfortunately, absence of state of the art commercial buildings is a great obstacle in flourishing of economic activity in the country. In order to address the rising need Earthlink Real Estate has developed outstanding and marvelous commercial real estate buildings in perfect locations. Development of high quality business center and modern commercial infrastructure is catering to the growing need of business community and generating good employment opportunities. Investors are also getting greater benefits by getting high return on their investments through commercial real estate projects of The Grande since 2010. The Grande is equipped with all facilities, luxuries and hi tech amenities required for the most excellent corporate and business atmosphere. Grande Business Centre located at the commercial hub of Bahria Enclave, Grande Marina at the most busiest road of Phase-4 Bahria Town Islamabad are top of the line projects aim at catering to the growing need of international and local Pakistanis.

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