Earthlink Expo 2022 – Taking Over the Twin Cities
The term “Real Estate” has quickly become a hot topic – consider it as something that is now the “table talk” of the urban and rural community. You’ll find every other person talking about how they’re looking for ways to invest in lucrative property. With so many developers in Pakistan, that sounds like a piece of cake…

Until it’s not.
That’s actually where things go haywire – the root cause behind the confusion is the saturation of real estate companies. With the daily news exposing development companies committing fraud in broad daylight, it comes to no surprise that “another day, another fraudulent developer” has become a not-so-surprising reality of life; and inevitably, a huge headache.

That’s why Earthlink is bringing “Earthlink Expo 2022” to the Capital. Coming across billboards and streamers of property expos is nothing new; but for the first time ever, Earthlink is bringing over 15 of its commercial, residential, and business projects under one roof. It is an invitation for potential investors to discuss profitable opportunities with knowledgeable and trustworthy consultants. Earthlink’s name has been in the market for over decades now, and the company has built a reputation for providing exceptional services to its clients all over Pakistan. M. Mubusher Hayat, the CEO and founder of Earthlink, has a vision of seeing the brand become synonymous with excellence in concept, design, quality, customer service and satisfaction. The entrepreneur gave voice to his purpose and said “At Earthlink, we don’t just meet our clientele’s expectations, we exceed them every time we deliver property. That’s the only way to retain happy clients and build a strong relationship with them”. The grand exhibition will be a gateway for all investors to double their money without an ounce of fear.

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