Earthlink Expo 2022: A Success in the Twin Cities
Earthlink Expo 2022 has concluded, and it ended on a successful note.
The exclusive invite-only exhibition was held on 12th and 13th of March in Islamabad Marriott Hotel and received a positive response beyond expectations. It garnered a lot of public attention and has made its mark in history by being the first expo in Pakistan to bring over 15 projects by one company under a single roof.
The projects by Earthlink ranging from commercial, corporate and residential establishments formed a unique and noteworthy ensemble, attracting public, investors, developers and builders alike. The grand event was also attended by dignitaries, influencers and renowned personalities, making it a one-of-a-kind exhibition in the heart of the twin-cities.
Day 1:
The expo kicked off with the entire team gearing up to feature Earthlink’s name in the headlines. Senator Faisal Javed Khan and many other high-ranking officials praised the efforts of the company, and Earthlink is honored and proud to be the trend-setter. “I appreciate the efforts of Earthlink and Mubusher Hayat for organizing this event. This is a great platform to promote the Nation as a whole and it’s refreshing to see someone take such an incredible initiative”, the senator in an interview with Saima Ajram, senior consultant advisor to the Government of KP.
Sheheryar Munawar, currently known for his role in one of the top Pakistani dramas of the season Sinf-e-Aahan, also graced the event with his presence and expressed his joy and gratitude. Awards were distributed to the hardworking team of Earthlink and a cake cutting ceremony was held towards the end to celebrate the success of the first day. “I am really honored to be here and to experience an event on such a huge scale. I looked around with Mubusher Hayat, who is the CEO of Earthlink, and I had the great pleasure to learn about their amazing projects. I think the best part of the whole event was how the entire team was celebrated. I have great hopes for all the projects that I’ve seen. Here’s to hope, better times, and the wonderful projects coming up!”, the celebrity sharing his thoughts on the expo and the importance of team building.
The first day was a full house and the company was able to build long term relationships with new clients.
Day 2:
The second day was celebrated in colors of green. The theme revolved around the #BoomingPakistan campaign, which is an initiative to bring the emerging and inspiring leaders who are trying their very best to accelerate the economy of Pakistan. Earthlink is proud to be the badge bearer of many “firsts” in the heart of the Country.
The general public, company owners and high-ranking officials took part in promoting this step towards the betterment of Pakistan. Muhammad Shakeel Munir (President ICCI) shared his high hopes for the development sector of Pakistan and the #BoomingPakistan initiative. We were also honored to have the presence of MNA PPP Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah and to have him reflect upon future prospects of the Nation in a positive light.
The efforts of the startups, SMEs and big companies were brought in the limelight and as a token of appreciation, shields and certificates were handed out to recognize their daily grind towards the progression of Pakistan. All of the owners and employees of these companies expressed their thanks to the entire team of Earthlink for giving them a platform to inspire everyone with big dreams. Some notable companies included, AH Group of Companies, Sardar Group of Companies, Nayatel, Chai Mehfil, Mani’s Kitchen,, Jovi Technologies, Wild Wings, Ginyaki Oriental Café, Brick Marketing and Developers, and many more.
“Booming Pakistan is very close to my heart. I just want to give back the society and for that, we need to portray a positive image of our Country and ourselves. Let’s tell ourselves that we are the ones that are ‘booming’. It’s a cause that will be supporting lots and lots of startups that are not acknowledged, so we are trying to build this initiative where we can support all these people. I personally understand their struggles and that’s why I took this step. I see a huge potential for this to grow in the future”, CEO Earthlink on the #BoomingPakistan campaign.
Mubusher Hayat expressed his extreme delight upon the response that the expo garnered. “This is all thanks to the Almighty. We have clients pouring in; investors pouring in. I am speechless and short for words. We were able to sell a substantial amount of inventory at the expo and even despite that, we still have a lot of projects in our pipeline. I honestly think that I’ll have to organize another expo for that!”
The second day attracted twice as much attention. As an indicator of its success, the event was trending all over social media in Pakistan.

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