Earthlink is hard to compete when it is about profit-oriented investment, market-competitive ROIs, and capital gain. Let’s just take the example of one of the luxurious projects of the company by the name The Grande Hotel. The luxurious hotel is located in Phase VIII, Bahria Town. It offered up to Rs. 15 Lac capital gain within the initial four months of investment. Also read:

The Grande Hotel; A Compelling Investment

The company makes the entire process of investment worthwhile. Its professional work style is insistent towards secure investment plans. The reliability and confidence of the clients can be easily realized by the fact that the company has a number of projects on the list. These include;

The Grande Marina Experience the Premium located in Phase IV, Bahria Town

The Grande Business Center Live Your Corporate Dream located in Bahria Enclave

V8 Mall It’s a Mall located in Phase VII, Bahria Town

The Grande River Hills located in Phase VII, Bahria Town

Domus Heights by The Grande located in Phase VIII, Bahria Town

Leaf by The Grande located in Phase VII, Bahria Town

Piano Ultra-Luxury Apartments located in Intellectual Village, Phase VII, Bahria Town

All of these projects are the best of their types and a milestone for other real estate companies. These projects are unique for amenities, ROIs, capital gain, and secure investment. Therefore, Earthlink is undoubtfully the top real estate development company in twin cities.


Since the past year, the real estate sector in Pakistan has undergone an influential change. One reason is the unwanted arrival of the Corona Virus. That shook world economies, including Pakistan. The pandemic compelled the governments around the globe to make decisions that they would not have taken otherwise.

Likewise, the Pakistani government also tried to restore the already fragile economy. Due to the pandemic, Pakistan faced the economic loss of Rs. 3 Trillion, said Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.

Therefore, the government carried out decisive policing that could create employment and generate revenue. The government announced the amnesty scheme for the construction industry after realizing the link between the construction industry and real estate. Statistics say that 16% of the total employment is indirectly associated with the real estate sector and construction industry. Click the link below to understand the impact of the amnesty scheme on the real estate sector.

Impact of Amnesty Scheme on Real Estate Sector 

The construction industry holds 2.5% of the total GDP. Vigorous activities in this sector can help engage almost 8% labor force and 42 ancillary industries. Therefore, the government announced a relief package worth Rs. 100 Billion for this industry. The response was worthwhile. FBR recently reported that 127 real estate projects were registered with the tax department. The registered projects worth Rs. 63 Billion. Whereas, according to Senator Shibli Faraz, by the end of 2020, projects worth Rs. 400 Billion will be registered.

Flexible policing by the government for the real estate sector will bring ease for the middle-income strata as well. As the tax exemption for first time home buyers/sellers or constructers will help the middle class to get their dream homes. This will also help to cover the annual housing demand of the country that is 400,000 to 700,000 units. Also, with the development of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), the sector will become more transparent. It will help the government to receive more advantages from this sector. Get a brief view about RERA by clicking the link below:

National Assembly Approved Development of RERA


After a comprehensive analysis of the real estate sector and the recently developed policies by the government, it is concluded that the real estate sector is undoubtedly a secure investment field. However, you can undergo secure investment only when you engage with reliable and credible companies such as Earthlink.

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