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Earthlink has received a tremendous response from the clients and became an insistent choice of everyone. All of this happened due to the secure investment plans along with world-class amenities and structural perfection. This outstanding reliability makes Earthlink stand out as the best real estate development company in twin cities. Hence, with the field becoming more crucial, Earthlink sticks to its mission to meet the needs of the valuable clients and maximize their capacity. Earthlink has a number of projects in line, including The Grande Fashion Avenue on Main GT Road and Leaf by The Grande in Phase VII. The list also includes The Grande Hotel, Domus Heights in Phase VIII, and Piano by The Grande. All of these projects have maintained the class and caliber of Earthlink, whether it is about modern house designs with high-class amenities or providing a secure investment plan.

Capital Gain over Investment

Earthlink is different as it has the vision to provide market-competitive benefits to its clients. The reason why people call Earthlink the best real estate development company in twin cities is that it is a reliable company that offers gainful returns and a secure investment venture. Talking about capital gain, no other company has benefited its clients like the way Earthlink does. Such as Shared Commercial Space at The Grande Hotel has given 28-29% capital gain to its investors within the initial period of three months. Moreover, the luxurious Gold and Platinum suites in The Grande Hotel have offered 10-15 lac capital gain to its investors within three months. You will find no other project within twin cities that has benefitted its customers to this magnitude. That’s the reason why Earthlink is the best real estate development company in twin cities.

Return Policies

Earthlink has crafted profit-driven policies for its clients so that they carry out secure investment and to give them opportunities to generate income from their valuable money. Keeping in mind the mission to give maximum benefit to its clients, the investors have enjoyed from 15,000 to 60,000 return over investment in various projects. Henceforth, the clients feel accomplished as they get a monthly source of income as a result of a secure investment.

Shariah Compliance

Earthlink has emphasized the matter of Shariah Compliance owing to the growing interest of the people about the halal investment in the real estate sector. Henceforth, the company has taken concrete steps to comply with the Shariah rules crafted by the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). The company has the Shariah Advisor on board, which ensures that all the investment and installment policies alongside transactions and other business activities comply with Shariah rules. Subsequently, the Shariah Advisor has granted the Shariah Compliance Certificate to the company. Earthlink is credited to be the best real estate development company in twin cities with substantial efforts to undergo Shariah Compliant investment.

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Professional Realtors

Earthlink realtors have altered the superseded methods of real estate dealing with a distinctive way of interpersonal communication. Having sound knowledge and informed dealing, they make the client feel they are enduring secure investment. Realtors in Earthlink, unlike other real estate companies, take full responsibility to guide the clients about the fact that the policies of Earthlink are in-line with Shariah Compliance. They are fully articulated and have mastery of sales. They understand the specifications of every project and therefore bring the title ‘best real estate development company in twin cities’.

Real Estate Consultancy

Earthlink is the best real estate company for the fact that it has a competent team of consultants to contain knowledge-driven advisory to valuable clients. Since 1984, the company has delivered efficient consultancy about selling and buying and development of real estate projects. With the vision to expand growth-oriented and profit-driven opportunities for the clients, the company has replaced the methods of consultancy as compared with other contemporary real estate companies.


After an in-depth dissection of Earthlink, we can precisely claim that it is the best real estate development company in twin cities. From world-class development projects and client’s reliability to Shariah Complaint investment and profit-oriented opportunities, Earthlink has become a tough competitor in the market and the first choice of everyone. It has revolutionized the way realtors undergo communication with clients and has helped improve the image of real estate companies through professional dealing and credible policing.


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