Pakistan land spots amongst the top 5 countries with the most investment in 2020
As per the World Bank report, Pakistan has become one of the top 5 countries in the world with the most investment in the first half of 2020 – according to the news source published on December 9.
The private participation in infrastructure (PPI) half-yearly reported stated; Pakistan had the fourth-highest investment commitments. A new entrant to the top five countries this year with $1.9 billion of investment commitments. Moreover, the report stated that the current year’s private participation in infrastructure is unprecedented because of Covid-19 which has brought many sectors like infrastructure to a halt.
But the private participation of bringing up the country in the top five lists EarthLink is honored to pay the equal part and staying committed to the promise of introducing brand living in Pakistan.



The Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) organized a grand auction owing to the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan to revive up the economy by stimulating the activities in the construction industry along with creating employment opportunities and a business-friendly environment. The commercial plots of G-13 & G-14 Mauve Area and Class III Shopping Center plots were auctioned in the grand event. Earthlink is the leading real estate development company and a real inspiration for others. It has sustained its benchmark to participate in national initiatives.  Be it a revival of the economy or the initiatives upheld for the well-being of the communities.

CEO Earthlink and a renowned name in the real estate industry, Mr. Mubusher Hayat, attended the grand auction organized by the Federal Housing Authority. He was successful to procure a highly significant plot to expand the real estate services in the new business hub of Islamabad. The approach is to support the government to boost the economic conditions of the country. He anticipated the initiative as a step towards the development of the new skyline in Islamabad. A landmark step of the Federal Government will create tremendous prospects for the investors and business community to take the businesses and the commercial endeavors towards the new horizons. The commercial plots of G-13, G-14, Mauve Area offer incredible advantages to the bidders.


The golden strip over which the mixed-used plots are addressed is called the new Gateway to Islamabad. It is centered in between the Srinagar Road and G-13, G-14 sectors. Only 15 minutes away from the proposed Ring Road and the CPEC route. It is rated as the new business hub for being in close proximity to Motorway and the New Islamabad Airport. The high-rise expansion is a few miles away from the Kashmir Highway and Main Expressway. All of the features act as the bonanza to enhance the marketability of the commercial plots as it will attract high footfall and rental yield.


The new business hub on the Gateway to Islamabad offers a variety of opportunities to the investors in pursuing their choice of corporate business or commercial activities. Commercial plots can be utilized for multiple purposes such as;




Corporate Offices

Shopping malls

International hospital

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The initiative of Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA) has digitalized the banking system of the country. It has revolutionized the system altogether. Making it faster, simpler, and accessible. Roshan Digital Accounts initiative was launched by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for the Pakistani diaspora. The initiative will facilitate the die-hard Pakistanis about processing their transactions.

Now the overseas Pakistanis can open a bank account in domestic banks of Pakistan without visiting the bank branch, embassy, or consulate. Everything is online. Thanks to the landmark initiative by the government of Pakistan. It takes only 48 hours after the proper documentation. And you can have your account in any of the commercial banks in partnership with the State Bank of Pakistan.

Initially, SBP has done a partnership with eight domestic banks that will provide this service. These include; HBL, UBL, Samba Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, MCB, Faysal Bank, Bank Alfalah, and Meezan Bank. However, the services are worthwhile, making the life of the expatriates easier. These include;

Fund Transfer

Bill Payments

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Do you want to have a secure investment?

The key to real prosperity is making the right use of valuable assets. There are different arenas available to invest in. But with the caution that the business adventure can become risky owing to the changing conditions of economy, security, or legislations. Although, the magnitude of risk varies from business to business and investment to investment. But everyone wants to have the feeling that they have undergone a secure investment.


Pakistan is considered a favorable place for investment ventures. Be it power or energy sector or the productive agriculture sector, tourism, or the real estate. For a few decades, the country has faced a setback due to the fragile security conditions. However, with the improved conditions of law and security and relief incentives, Pakistan has been able to attract colossal foreign investment. Good news! Pakistan is ranked 108th in the global ranking of World Bank’s “Doing Business 2020’ Report. A jump of 28 places. Thanks to the joint efforts and intensive policing, Pakistan has been able to receive $21.84billion remittances in the FY 2019-2020. Also, the country is considered among the world’s top 10 business climate improvers according to a study by the World Bank.


There are multiple sectors to invest your money in. The experts described the right investment as the source of everlasting success. Similarly, your wrong investment is enough to ruin your confidence forever. Therefore, one must study and analyze various factors that make an investment right or wrong so that you can undertake a secure investment.



Real estate

Stock market

Government Bonds

Currencies like dollar


Franklin D. Roosevelt stated; “Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care. It is about the safest investment in the world.” If done in the right project and at the right time, it can become immensely fruitful. You have to choose a project wisely or buy a house/apartment/shop.

You can resell it and receive a colossal profit. Or else get it on rent and make a monthly source of income. The famous American financer Russell Sage once said: “Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever-increasing in value. It is the most solid security that human ingenuity has devised. It is the basis of all security and about the only indestructible security.” Like him, there are numerous experts who acknowledge the real estate sector as an arena to undertake secure investment. However, the rule is that you must identify a reliable real estate development company.


Douglas Adams, the English author, once said; “To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” Therefore, select a company that works on the underlying principle of sincerity. And it also takes care of your valuable money.

Earthlink Developments is one of the top real estate companies. It has achieved a benchmark in professionalism and compassionate dealing. The company has developed astonishing residential and commercial projects. Each one of the projects is a landmark from the perspective of structural & architectural goodness, investment, and profit ratio. Since 2004, the company has been exploring new gateways to provide the best services in the field of the real estate sector. The company has delivered one of the best high-rise apartments in the twin cities such as The Grande I, The Grande II & The Grande III. Here the luxury is affordable. The buildings are packed with amenities and offer a complete lifestyle. Hence, the company is ranked as the top real estate development company in twin cities. Also read:


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Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Real Estate Sector

Earthlink Developments is an active performer of Corporate Social Responsibility and served the society for better. The company has undertaken different projects to provide education and health facility. It has also participated in the national drive Clean Green Pakistan to promote forestation and tree plantation. Adding to the list is another humanitarian project of feeding the destitute. The project aims to provide free and healthy food to the needy people of the society.

The vision of returning back to the society that enables us to grow our business is very fulfilling. It strengthens the relationship of the company with society. As Tony Blair once said, “the emphasizes placed by more and more companies on Corporate Social Responsibility, symbolizes the recognition that prosperity is best achieved in an inclusive society.”

Earthlink Feeding the Less Fortunate

Earthlink has therefore maintained its trademark and initiated another project for the under-privileged segment of the society. The project by the name “Gulxar Dastarkhwan” has been initiated in Abbottabad as a collaboration between Earthlink Developments and MPA, Ms. Momina Basit. Ms. Momina Basit and Director Projects & Developments Earthlink; Mr. Jamal Kakakhel organized the inauguration ceremony of the project. Other honorable guests included Speaker KPK Assembly; Mr. Mushtaq Ghani, Minister for Food; Mr. Haji Qalandar Khan Lodhi, and MNA; Mr. Ali Khan Jadoon.

As the country faced economic deterioration due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it became hard for the daily wagers and the low-income strata to meet both ends. Thus, it was a call for the corporate sector to show some responsibility and bring ease to the lives of these people.

Earthlink, hereby, showed some considerate and responsible demeanor. It collaborated to provide free and healthy food to the less fortunate people who are unable to feed their selves and their families. Hundreds of people will be able to satisfy their appetite daily by visiting the Gulxar Dastarkhwan.

The CEO of Earthlink, Mr. Mubusher Hayat, addressed the inauguration ceremony of Gulxar Dastarkhan.  He stated that corporate companies must play their role to serve the needy people of the society. Other guests in the ceremony also acknowledged the efforts of Earthlink and regarded them as inspirational. They stated that like Earthlink, other corporate companies must also initiate the projects for the betterment of society. The public also showed great admiration for this noble cause. They expressed their feelings by saying that the company has won the hearts of the people. They deserve applause for taking substantial steps to ease the suffering of people.



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Earthlink Developments has secured a unique position in the world of real estate business due to many reasons including timely delivery of its exemplary projects, gainful policies for investors, and the credibility of its clients. Over a period of 16 years, the company has acquired a large number of entrusted clients through professional work-style under the supervision of the visionary Mr. Mubusher Hayat. His vision is insistent towards delivering Comfort, Security & Representation. Nevertheless, what makes Earthlink different from other contemporary real estate companies? The answer is the passion to provide the best to its clients; be it consultancy, a house, or a profit-oriented investment opportunity. And the outcome has always been a win-win situation as prescribed by the pioneers of this company.

Real Estate Sector & Shariah Compliance in Pakistan 

Over the years, a growing interest has been observed in people as if or not their investment in the real estate sector is in accordance with the principles of Islamic financing. Being a multi-billion industry, however, real estate craves Shariah Compliance so as to address the queries of investors along with paving the way for the growth of the construction industry. Being the 2nd largest industry of Pakistan, the construction industry holds a 2.5% share in the total GDP.

Basically, Shariah Law prohibits interest-bearing transactions in which the owner of the money receives a return without making any effort. Configuring the need, religious scholars have designed certain policies to complement Shariah Compliance with the real estate sector.

There are certain policies regarding investment, for instance, one structure says that the investors will have a fixed return whereas the other structure gives the investor equity in the development and performance of the property. According to the Islamic point of view, only that form of investment is fair in which both parties have a share in risk and reward. The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has crafted certain rules to promote Shariah Compliance in the real estate sector. The three main principles:

  • The properties invested in must be used for Shariah-compliant purposes.
  • The fund must avoid using leverage using methods prohibited by Shariah.
  • The real estate asset must not be used for haram purposes; gambling, conventional lending activities, production, or sale of pork or alcohol.

In Pakistan, different financing structures are used to comply with Shariah; Murabaha – to finance the commercial property, Ijarah – to finance the residential property, and Istisna – used for manufacturing contract. Different real estate companies in Pakistan follow different policies in collaboration with banks; such as Diminishing Musharakh (Joint ownership of an asset where profit and loss are shared between both partners). The SECP has also provisioned that the companies will have to ensure that their interest-bearing debt-to-asset ratio should be less than 37% while the ratio of non-shariah compliant income to total revenue should be no more than 5%.

SECP hereby approved Murabaha Share Finance (MSF) for the sale transactions.

Earthlink conforms to Shariah Compliance

Earthlink has always been momentous in dealing with aspects, like a halal investment and shariah compliance, which are of great concern for its clients. To comply with the provisions of SECP and Shariah Law, Earthlink has at its bench the Shariah Advisor who makes sure that Shariah rules are obliged in letter and spirit for all the business activities of the company. The company has therefore successfully received Shariah Compliant Certificate as ruled by SECP.



Talking about the policies, Earthlink unlike other real estate companies of the country, does not offer rental returns before the project is completed as it is not permitted by Shariah Law. The business is strictly made interest (riba) free to comply with Islamic financing.

Earthlink offers Shariah Compliant policies to its investors as it values the clients and their trust in the company. Although the company offers monthly returns over investment, for instance, Gold suites of The Grande Hotel offer 50,000 monthly returns to its investors and the project has also received capital gain up to 27.27%. But the company does not give any guarantee about how much capital gain will the Grande Hotel receive in, for example, the coming three years.

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Pakistan has seen a mushroom growth of real estate companies in recent years due to the emerging trend of housing societies and the way people are getting inclined towards it. The reason being, finding a place that is secure and comfortable along with matching the modernized living standards that provide all the necessary facilities within the boundary wall. However, people often experience inconvenience while looking for the property, although more options are available. They suffer the un-professional workstyle or vague policies. Be it a modern design apartment or a shop. Therefore, people have become more conscious to avoid risk and make sure they undergo secure investment with the best real estate company. Hence, client satisfaction has become hard to achieve in the contemporary era.
Earthlink developments LLP is the best real estate development company in twin cities that has proudly gained client satisfaction due to the value-added policies and professional realtors, having sound knowledge of every aspect. They carry out informed and responsible dealing and have earned the title as the best real estate development company in twin cities.


Accomplished Projects

Earthlink has a 16-year career of development during which it has delivered amazingly done projects like;
The Grande I built in Bahria Town Phase II had a project life of 3 years and delivered in 2012.
The Grande II was successfully delivered in 2017 at a competitive location in Bahria Town Phase III.
Additionally, The Grande III is situated in Phase IV of Bahria Town and it was completed in 2019.
All of the delivered projects have the ideal locations with the modernized set of amenities and exhibit architectural panache. Not just that, but the projects have successfully proved to be secure investment ventures to all the clients.

Projects Under Construction

Being the best real estate development company in twin cities, Earthlink has established a competitive status in the market and achieved the credibility of its clients. Their faith added to the company’s confidence to explore new horizons. Therefore, the company, over the period, kept the foundation for many new projects exhibiting modern designs and emerging investment trends. All of these projects are under construction in different sectors of Bahria Town;
The Grande Business Center in Bahria Enclave takes the business to an entirely new level of excellence and expansion. It offers a reliable and secure investment plan to its valuable clients.
The Grande Marina in Phase IV is a commercially viable project equipped with all the eminent amenities.
The V8 Mall in Phase VII is the luxurious cum up-scaled project that offers everything in one place.
The Grande River Hills in Phase VII is a residential cum commercial project offering systemized facilities to its clients.
The Anargali in Phase IV is a landmark of innovation and inspiration, exhibiting modern designs and architectural goodness.

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National Assembly Approved Development of RERA

National Assembly Approved Development of RERA

National Assembly, on Tuesday, passed a bill called Islamabad Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2020. The bill reasoned that the establishment of a Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) is a necessity to regularize the real estate sector as the sector has great potential and proper regulations will result in receiving maximum benefits from it. The regulatory body will be helpful for all the stakeholders; buyers, sellers, builders, developers and tenants. It will ensure that the process of selling and buying properties is smooth, transparent and non-conflicting. Moreover, in case of having a dispute, the body will redress the complainers in the most legalized way. Also, an Appellate Tribunal will be established that will hear appeals made by people against the directives of RERA. The body will ensure transparency and accountability in real estate sector, thus resulting in countering corruption or malfunctioning. It will also help to configure fraudulent realtors and un-registered real estate companies that have been defrauding innocent people and has negatively affected the credibility and reputation of the sector that has great potential to boost up the economy.

The initiative of making a regulation body shows the government has realized the strength of real estate sector and the scope of benefits towards the economic state of the country. As according to a recent report by the Federal Bord of Revenue (FBR), under the Construction Relief Package and Amnesty Scheme for real estate sector, 127 projects were registered with tax department worthy of Rs 63 billion.

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Owing to the vision of providing affordable housing units to people, State Bank, as an executing partner with the Government of Pakistan and Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority (NAPHDA) has announced a mark-up subsidy package for those who are first-time house buyers. Through this facility, they will be able to construct or buy houses at a subsidized rate, read a statement by SBP.

The government has allocated Rs33billion as a subsidy for 10 years and has assured continuity of the facility. There are three basic categories for Markup subsidy financing to be utilized by individuals according to their needs and affordability structure. All the three categories allow purchasing a house/flat/apartment up to 5 Marla or 125 sq. yards with a maximum covered area of 850 sq. feet.

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EarthLink Making History

EarthLink Making History

From making benchmark to setting the name in the field of development; Earthlink; has made its name worth remembering in a short span of 16 years. Earthlink development has earned remarkable success by providing projects like, The Grand I in the prime area of the twin cities Bahria Town Phase II.

The Grande II situated in Bahria town phase III and The Grande III built in the heart of Bahria Town Phase IV Civic center.

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