About Anargali

A tremendous project for those who want to invest in something innovative. A dream project in which high returns and great values are going to be obvious. Earthlink is bringing Anargali to life with next level ideas and great infrastructure to let your dreams come true. Anargali is our next step towards innovation so that you can get a premium traditional market with luxury infrastructure and a comfortable environment.

Anargali: A market only for women brands is going to be this year’s best opportunity for those who are looking forward to a unique and groundbreaking investment in the emerging market?
Earthlink, being a valuable adviser is now presenting Anargali which is an imperishable asset along with increasing day by day value and solid security that human ingenuity has devised because, at the end of the day, your comfort and security is our priority.

Luminous and Refreshing Interior

Anargali is offering you a great investment opportunity by promoting a traditional style market in Bahria Town which is a huge platform for the people who are in search of next level investment. Anargali is going to be the next choice of women for shopping. The main aim behind Anargali is providing women a platform to get clothing brands, tailors, embroiders, jewelry shops and makeup brands under one roof. It is going to be a traditional market with excellent architecture, luxury environment and comfortable sitting along with spacious corridors.