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The Mall of Islamabad

The “Mall of Islamabad” is a project that will redefine the skyline of federal capital. A composite of distinctly designed skyline that creates the world of luxury that is Mall of Islamabad. A youthful exuberance emanates from the majestic structure, which is the Mall of Islamabad, branded by all the famous brands of the world. It will be a place that embraces every member of the Pakistani family but what it really encompasses is the proclivity of every person for youthful zest and modern trends. The Mall of Islamabad is a true reflection of the aspirations of all those brand conscious people who go for the latest designer apparel to the sophistication and elegance of signature jewelry and footwear that bespeaks of the finer tastes of the wearer. Suffused with all the necessities of an environment that pursues the global trends for branded goods, the Mall of Islamabad can be said to be the best place for all that complements the modern life style. The Mall will be equipped with state of the art amenities and furnished with extravagant luxury. All of this is protected by a reliable, 3-layered 24/7-security system that Mall of Islamabad promises its inhabitants, truly realizing the idea of a serene and blissful extravagant. The feeling of finding everything under one roof in itself is a very fulfilling and satisfying for even the most insatiable shopaholics. The Mall of Islamabad which extends all the facilities that complement the shoppers day out, is fast proving to be a regular shopping paradise for all those who prefer the better side of  a fashionable lifestyle sprinkled with everything entertaining to keep one In good spirits while enjoying the world’s foremost brands in a unique environment. Rest, pray, play, shop with a contented feeling that comes with all the facilities that one can find in the most exclusive shopping environment at par with any in the world.

The Mall of Islamabad Facilities:

  • 24/7 Security & Maintenance
  • 24 Hour Maintenance
  • Car Parking
  • Household Waste removal
  • Well Maintained Entrance Foyer & Lobbies
  • Common Area Cleaning
  • Central Heating And Cooling System